This sign is an act of love, 2022
This Sign is an Act of Love, 2022
Light, argon, iron, contract, knife. 
185 x 50 cm.

Photos from the exhibition "0/1" at MUHNAC (Museu de História Natural e da Ciência), Lisbon, Portugal. Photos by Bruno Lopes
Article 1
Here it is declared that the artwork “This Sign is an Act of Love” is original and authentic.

Article 2
This work cannot be sold or bought. The transition of ownership can only take place by virtue of a full donation, without pecuniary or other counterparts.

Article 3
Ownership of this work only because it is held by a person or entity for a maximum period of 1 year.

Article 4
The owner undertakes to deliver the work to another person of his choice within the respective deadline, however, the new person to whom the work is delivered cannot have received it previously.

Article 5
Whoever offers this work, and whoever receives it, undertakes to notify the author, João Motta Guedes, at the time of its transition, and also undertakes to send a version of this document dated and signed by both parties.

Article 6
In addition to this edition that goes into circulation, there are two artist's proofs.

Article 7
Any damage caused to the work may result in its repair or payment for new work.

Article 8
This document has legal force and its failure to comply may imply due process of law.