Untitled (how small a thought it takes), 2022
"Untitled (How small a thought it takes - after Wittgenstein and Steve Reich)", 2022
Engraving on marble, flowers
Variable dimensions

Photos by Bruno Lopes and Jon Gorospe
The phrase used in the engraving is a double quotation: firstly written by Wittgenstein in a collection of texts entitled “Culture and Value” (1946); later, Steve Reich used this same phrase for a musical composition “Proverb” (1995). This work recovers the paradox proposed by Wittgenstein's phrase and presents it in a visual and plastic formulation. It is through its appearance on a tombstone with flowers that we are confronted with the power of what the quote hides, the (im)possibility of such a small thought being able to last a lifetime, referring to the ephemerality of life, ideas, moments, and the way we look at them.